OC Cultivates - Stimulate your tastebuds and your mind! 

Meet and mingle over delicious pairings, then sit back and enjoy storytelling from renowned local innovators passionate about Okanagan food, beverage and tourism.   

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Continuing Studies and Corporate Training

Be inspired to learn with Continuing Studies and Corporate Training at SM, providing you with in-demand skills that work for your life, your business and your career. Develop skills that employers are looking for and take your career to the next level.

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Corporate training options



Careers Hub

Careers Hub is where SM trained talent and community partners intersect to build key connections and valuable employment relationships. 

Careers Hub facilitates pathways for SM students and alumni to connect with employment and Work Integrated Learning opportunities,  and provides the opportunity for valued community partners to hire and make direct connections with OC students.

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Tourism Management Diploma

This diploma is designed to give students real-world knowledge, skills and opportunities to advance careers in the mountain resort tourism sector. Upon graduation, students will be ideally suited for supervisory or front-line management positions in tourism.

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