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Testing Centre

Kelowna campus

The Kelowna Testing Centre specializes in:

  • Hosting exams for other institutions and agencies
  • OC Continuing Studies exams
  • OC Entrance Tests (Math proficiency tests for admission and Continuing Studies entrance tests)
  • Typing tests - All typing tests are taken online in the comfort of your own home. An internet connection and a webcam are required.


Schedule your Kelowna Testing Centre exam

The Testing Centre is located in Building E (Centre for Learning) - Room E401.  Please use one of the entrances (identified on this map). 

If you need to schedule an exam at the Penticton, Vernon or Salmon Arm campus, please use the contact information below:

Penticton:  PentictonExams@okanagan.bc.ca
Vernon:  VernonTesting@okanagan.bc.ca
Salmon Arm:  SalmonArmExams@okanagan.bc.ca

Exams up to 3.5 hours in length - $75 plus GST. If your exam exceeds 3.5 hours in length, you must contact kelownatesting@okanagan.bc.ca before booking. Additional fees apply.

Typing tests - $25 plus GST

Please note that there is no charge for À¦°óSM exams (Math Entrance Tests, and Continuing Studies exams)

The Testing Centre is located in room E401 of Building E - Centre for Learning.  On the date/time of your booking, please use one of the Test Centre entrances (identified on this map).

Please allow plenty of time for yourself to find a parking space as the campus can get quite busy during the day. Kelowna campus test takers can park in all OC lots, provided they have purchased a permit for the duration of their visit. Use the PaybyPhone app (PayByPhone Zone 11434) or one of the pay stations on campus to purchase a parking permit. 

Visit the À¦°óSM Parking webpage for additional information on parking and fees. Testing candidates writing exams at the Testing Centre are considered visitors.



Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
Phone: 250-862-5480
Email: kelownatesting@okanagan.bc.ca

Salmon Arm

No, your invigilator will assign you a seat.

Yes, all exams require an appointment, there are no walk-ins. To book your exam, use the above "Click Here to Book Your Exam" button.

Yes, you will be assigned a locker when you check in for your examination.

You should arrive 15 minutes early for your examination. Some exams may require you to arrive earlier (i.e., CELPIP and CAEL).

Only government issued photo identification is acceptable. Some examples are:

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • À¦°óSM Student ID (À¦°óSM exams only)
  • BC Services Card
  • BC Identification Card (BCID)

**All Identification must be original and unexpired. Photocopied documents will not be accepted.**

Please note that some exam providers have specific identification requirements which must be followed.

Please see the above fee section.

Testing candidates are responsible to show up for their examinations on time. Candidates will not be compensated for any time lost due to late arrival. If a candidate arrives more than 30 minutes late for their exam, they will not be granted entrance into the examination room and will not be entitled to a refund.

In some circumstances, testing candidates will be refused entry in to the testing room if they are less than 30 minutes late (i.e., CELPIP, CAEL). The candidate will then be required to contact their institution directly to reschedule.

If you require special accommodations for your exam, please email kelownatesting@okanagan.bc.ca and we will be happy to assist you.

  1. Confirm with your institution that the À¦°óSM Testing Centre is an acceptable place to write your exam.
  2. Book your exam using the above "Click Here to Book Your Exam" button.
  3. Send any paperwork needing to be completed by À¦°óSM (proctor forms etc.) to kelownatesting@okanagan.bc.ca. Once we see that you have booked your exam, we will complete these forms and send them back to you. It is then your responsibility to ensure your home insitution receives this documentation. It is the student's responsibility to ensure À¦°óSM receives their exam at least 2 business days before the scheduled exam date.
  4. After you have written your exam, we will promptly return it to your home institution in the manner they have asked.

Cancellations are approved only for extenuating circumstances.

Rescheduling of exams may be possible (based on extenuating circumstances) by emailing  kelownatesting@okanagan.bc.ca at least 48 hours before your scheduled exam.

Only authorized items are permitted in the testing room. This includes Government photo identification and any other items specifically permitted by your institution. Under no circumstances are personal items permitted in the testing room. This includes but is not limited to cell phones, watches, and other electronic devices, hats, and food and beverages.

Stay at home if you are sick.  Visit this link for Covid 19 information:  /covid

Test Information

The Testing Centre offers typing tests for members of the community who are required to provide typing results for employment purposes. We also accommodate external students taking typing tests for admission into programs at other post-secondary institutions.

Students may write the following Math Proficiency tests at the Kelowna Testing Centre to meet admission requirements for specific À¦°óSM courses or programs. Once a student has written their math proficiency test for admission purposes, they should monitor their program application on MyOkanagan, where test results will be posted within three days.

Test Taking Process:

  • Download a copy of the appropriate practice test below.  This is important in order to know what to expect on the test.
  • When you feel you are ready to write the test, you can book a time by clicking the "Click Here to Book Your Exam" button found at the top of this page. All tests are by appointment only.
  • On the day of the test, arrive on time and with pen/pencil, photo identification and a calculator (if permitted).
  • The Testing Centre will provide Admissions with your test results.
  • Students may write this test twice within a one-year period, with a minimum of one week between attempts. 

Math Proficiency Practice Tests

Check here for specific course and program requirements

If you wish to schedule a Math Proficiency test and you live outside of the À¦°óSM region, please contact  for instructions. You will need to arrange to write your test in-person with a qualified invigilator at an academic institution.

The  (CELPIP) is the only Canadian English language test designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The test allows you to demonstrate your ability to function in English, and accurately assesses your English abilities in a variety of everyday situations.

The CELPIP Test comes in two versions, including the CELPIP-General Test for applicants for permanent resident status in Canada and the CELPIP-General LS (Listening and Speaking only) Test for applicants for Canadian citizenship.

Why Choose CELPIP?

Fully Computer Delivered

The CELPIP Test is fully computer delivered, letting you complete it in one sitting, with no extra speaking appointments or interviews, providing you with a quick and reliable testing experience. CELPIP test takers use a computer mouse and keyboard to complete the Reading and Writing parts of the test, and a computer microphone and headset to complete the Listening and Speaking components of the test.

Quick Online Results

The results of the CELPIP Test are available online in just eight business days. You can also choose to add Express Rating, so that your score is available online in only three business days.

Uses Canadian Accents

The CELPIP Test is 100% Canadian, and uses Canadian accents. Test takers who have been living and working in Canada will better understand and relate to the Canadian accents used in the CELPIP Test.

Watch a .

Take your CELPIP Test at À¦°óSM.

 at À¦°óSM today.

Test Preparation Resources

To help you prepare for your CELPIP Test, there are a variety of official CELPIP instructional products available. These products include:

What is CAEL?
CAEL is an important part of your journey to study in Canada. The test measures your ability to use and understand English at an academic level.

CAEL Prepares You for Success in Canada
CAEL is the only test that provides a truly authentic representation of language use in a Canadian academic context. It evaluates how well you combine your English skills to perform academic tasks that you would encounter in your first-year at a Canadian university or college.

CAEL is Made by Experts in Canada
In June 2015 Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of The University of British Columbia (UBC), acquired CAEL from Carleton University. Since Paragon acquired CAEL, the test was reviewed and a computerized version was released in September 2017 called CAEL CE, where CE stands for Computer Edition.

CAEL is Trusted by Academic Institutions Across Canada
Currently more than 185 Canadian universities and colleges accept CAEL as evidence of English language proficiency for admission to their academic programs. A list of these accepting institutions appears on the CAEL website at .

 Test Format
CAEL assesses your English language proficiency in an academic context. The test reports scores on four components—Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing. You will complete a range of tasks. Some of these tasks will require you to use what you have read and listened to in order to answer a question in Speaking or Writing. Learn more about the test format at .

 Test Preparation
Paragon offers a wide range of CAEL preparation and study materials for test takers at . These products and services include sample tests, practice tests, Ebooks, paperback books, workshops, and more!

Take CAEL at À¦°óSM! Register at  today!

Students can take the following tests at the À¦°óSM testing Centre by clicking the "Click here to Book Your Exam Book Now" button above:

ABLE (Math) - for the Audio Engineering and Music Production Certificate. Students need a minimum of 65% and scores are valid for 2 years. 

ABLE (Math) - for the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Certificate. Students need a minimum of 60% and scores are valid for 2 years. 

ABLE (English) - for the Building Service Worker Program.

Bookkeeping Certificate Entrance Test - For students who do not meet the entrance accounting requirement for this program. This is only for students with extensive work experience in the field of Bookkeeping. Students are only permitted to take this test with the approval of the Continuing Studies department.

Please note that in order to take any of these tests, you must have applied to the program and have permission from the admissions department.