Students are classified into various programs of study, and the program you are in determines your graduation process.

For all students, your student record will be carefully reviewed to ensure that you have met all your program requirements. If you have questions about your graduation, the first place to start is to login to your account, navigate to student records and compare your transcript to the requirements for your program listed in the SM Calendar.


There are several rules that govern graduation. In general, you must meet all program requirements spelled out in the calendar, including:

  1. Program requirements listed on your program page in the calendar
  2. Minimum Graduating Grade Point Average requirements listed in the calendar (#9) and on your program page (note: the Culinary Management diploma sets a higher standard for the Culinary Arts Certificate portion - 80%)
  3. Residency rules listed in the calendar (5a). Residency is the number of courses you take at SM. Please note that courses taken on a recognized exchange program while an SM student count towards residency at SM
  4. Minimum credit counts as listed in the calendar program page. All programs require a certain number of credits to graduate

Generally speaking, your record is reviewed against the calendar entry for the year you entered the program UNLESS your program changed and you began taking courses under the new calendar entry. It may become necessary to hybridize two calendar entries to meet program requirements. In these instances, you can contact for clarification and to answer any questions you may have about your final graduation audit. If you are in the process of planning your coursework and not yet ready to graduate, you should speak with an academic advisor.

The buttons below will take you to a page that explains the graduation process based on your program of study. If you have questions, start by reviewing your student record and the calendar first so that you are ready to talk about your program. Ensure you have submitted an application for graduation. The graduation office contact is

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Frequently asked questions

All students must apply to graduate in order to receive their credential. This also makes you eligible to register for Convocation or Commencement ceremonies.  Visit your myOkanagan account to apply to graduate.

Applying to graduate and signing up for a graduation ceremony are done separately. All students must apply to graduate to receive their credentials. If you want to attend a convocation, you need to register in your . To register, choose View Application to Graduate then Register for a Ceremony. Visit this page for more details on the OC Graduation Ceremonies.

Please note that attending a graduation ceremony is optional; you will still receive your credential through the mail whether you choose to attend or not.

Trades and Continuing Studies students can attend any of the ceremonies in June, October or January in the region of your choice (visit the ceremonies page for more details). To receive your credential, you must apply to graduate.

For a list of upcoming ceremonies and deadlines, please visit this link

Note: you must apply for graduation first, to be eligible for Convocation registration. Visit your myOkanagan account to apply to graduate.

There is no deadline to apply to graduate. As long as your program ends prior to the date shown in the application to graduate, you can apply at any time.

There is a deadline to apply to register to attend convocation.

Academic and Vocational Programs (excluding Continuing Studies)
All students who apply to graduate will be audited and will receive a letter of completion in their email if they meet their program requirements. Credentials are then mailed to graduates after they are approved and conferred by the Educational Council. Conferment of credentials is done on a monthly basis or as needed.

Please note: Education Council does not meet in July and August. If your program finishes during these months, and you meet graduation requirements, you will receive your credential in the fall.

For students in the Welder Foundation program, you will receive your logbook before your certificate is issued, usually mailed within 7 to 10 business days of receipt of final paperwork in the graduation office.  

Continuing Studies
Students in Continuing Studies need to apply to graduate to receive their credentials. Processing times vary for Continuing Studies programs.  Once the graduation office has been sent a list of students eligible for certificates, they are processed within 5 to 7 business days and sent out to the mailing address in your graduation application. Students will also receive a letter of completion in their email.

We are in touch with students if issues arise with their file, however, if you are concerned that your application has not been received you can view your application for graduation in your myOkanagan account. If you have questions and/or additional information pertaining to your graduation, please contact All students will receive a Letter of Completion once the Graduation Office has completed its audit.

Students are responsible for ensuring they have or will meet all graduation requirements.  Please carefully review your program requirements in the Calendar.

If you require advising, please contact For Arts and Science programs, advising sheets are available, located here.

For Business students, the Okanagan School of Business has developed a Personal Degree Plan for the BBA that you can use to check your graduation status. There is an advising sheet available for the Business Diploma as well, located here. Business advising can be reached at

Students requiring replacement parchments should submit a Credential Reprint request form, found here.  The cost is $30.

Learn more about the convocation ceremony.