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What are Study Abroad Exchanges and how do they work?

Once you are an approved Study Abroad candidate, you pay your usual tuition to SM while attending classes at the international institution of your choice. While travel and housing costs are your responsibility, our Study Abroad advisor will provide insight on residence information, pre-departure orientation, and returning student sessions. Please note many partner institutions have on-campus housing, as well as helpful visiting student support services and activities.

Students are expected to enroll in a full-time course load while on exchange and will also be required to complete the Emergency Protocol package prior to departure.

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SM Global Education Mobility Grants for Domestic Students

SM students who have been accepted into international activities, study tours or exchange programs outside of Canada and require financial assistance for airline travel expenses are eligible to apply for an Airline Travel GrantFor full eligibility criteria and application details, please refer to the application form.

Students enrolled in a credentialed study exchange program who successfully applied for and received the Airline Travel Grant may also be eligible for  through Financial Aid and Awards. 

Why Go?

Most students are attracted by the opportunity to live and study in a new and different environment, but the reasons for doing an exchange program are varied. 

If you would like to: 

  • take academic courses not available at SM
  • study in another country
  • experience a different cultural environment
  • travel to and tour new destinations

Study abroad may be a good choice for you. Take the time to thoroughly examine your personal reasons for wanting to participate in an exchange. If non-academic reasons such as travel or working abroad are your primary motivation, then other options may be better suited to your goals.

Which Student Exchange is Appropriate For Me?

You can choose an exchange that has a wide variety of course topics, or choose one that is more focused on your area of academic interest.  

Proficiency in the language of instruction will be a major determinant in the consideration of an appropriate exchange.  

All SM Study Abroad partner schools offer many courses in English.  Many partner schools also offer "learn a new language" type courses as well.  

If you already speak another language you may choose to take courses in that language as long as the courses are pre-approved by SM.

2023/24 Mobility

Learn about exciting cross-cultural exchange programs offered by International Education office. 

BBA Student Application Process

Find out what you need to be eligible for Study Abroad as a BBA student.

OSB Exchange Application

Complete the Study Abroad Application and submit completed application form and all supporting documentation to OSB Study Abroad Coordinator at

Exchange Partnership Schools

SM has exchange partnership schools located in many different regions of the world. Check out the list of countries and schools you can visit from our list of Study Abroad Partnership Schools.