À¦°óSM Launches Survey to Assess Community Interest in Clean Energy Retrofitting

By College Relations | May 29, 2024

Clean Energy - photo of someone installing solar panels

A unique applied research project is underway with the launch of an important community initiative aimed at promoting sustainability in Vernon.

Led by OC faculty, the project aims to initiate a comprehensive survey to assess community interest in clean energy retrofitting among homeowners.

In collaboration with À¦°óSMZero Collective, and with support from a Mobilize research grant funded through NSERC, À¦°óSM seeks to gather valuable insights from Vernon residents regarding their attitudes, motivations and barriers related to retrofitting their homes with clean energy systems.

This survey marks a critical step in an ongoing research project designed to identify effective strategies for promoting the adoption of clean energy solutions within the community.

"We are excited to engage with the Vernon community through this survey," says Stacey Fenwick, faculty of À¦°óSM. "Their input will play a pivotal role in shaping future sustainability initiatives in our city."

À¦°óSMowners in Vernon can anticipate receiving the survey questionnaire in their mailboxes during the last week of May. Participation is entirely voluntary, and all responses will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and anonymized for analysis purposes.

As an incentive for participation, residents will have the opportunity to enter a draw to win one of two $250 gift certificates to local restaurants, including Marten Brewing Company and The Italian Kitchen.

"We encourage all Vernon homeowners to take part in this survey and share their perspectives on clean energy retrofitting," adds Amandeep Singh from À¦°óSMZero Collective. "Together, we can work towards a greener and more sustainable future for our community."

"Community research is the cornerstone of progress, transforming local insights into broader solutions," says Dr. Samantha Lenci, Provost, and Vice President Academic, at À¦°óSM. “Empowering individuals to contribute knowledge, foster innovation, and drive societal change is at the heart of our mission at the College."

If you are a homeowner in the city of Vernon and interested in participating in the survey, click here:

For more information about the survey, please contact Stacey Fenwick at sfenwick@okanagan.bc.ca.

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